Pocahontas County, West Virginia, Cemetery Listings

Master Index for Books 1 - 7


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2nd printing August 2007, 68 pgs, 13 cemeteries - (Camp Allegheny Confederate Civil War; Jacob & Nancy Cassel gravesites; Deer Creek, Ervine Gravesites, Gragg, Hartman, Hosterman, Judy, William Nottingham, Oak Flats, Tacy near Cass, Varner (Top of Allegheny Mtn), Wilmoth, Wooddell, Yeager at Camp Allegheny, Jacob Yeager)




Grave Stone at Camp Allegheny,



Oak Grove Cemetery and Coffin sale records of Asbury R. Smith - 1st printed 2007, 64 pgs; updated 2011 with every name index, 84 pgs.








Mountain View Cemetery (Marlinton), printed 2008, 142 pgs. Reprinted with every name index, 2011, 160 pgs.







Back Mountain Road, Durbin to Cass, printed 2008, 64 pgs, 12 cemeteries - (Lee A. Galford, Kelly, Denver Arbogast, Grant Vandevander, LeMasters, Bethel Church, Gum, Hevener, Wanless, Hilltop, Turner, McLaughlin)



Bethel Church and Cemetery


Frost to Dunmore, printed 2010, 90 pgs., (Joseph Sharp, Taylor-Townsend, Curry, Abraham Sharp, Austin Sharp, Bowers, Gilmer Sharp, James Gragg, Bannis Buzzard, Snowden Buzzard, Howard Buzzard, Warwick Shinaberry, John Lindsay, Cecil Shinaberry, Zane Grimes, Cornelius Buzzard, Criss Dilley, Baxter, James McLaughlin)







Little Levels, printed 2011, 200 pgs., (Sharp, McClintic, McNeel, Ruckman, Smith, Rosia Cole, Cook, Steele, Lewis, Pleasant Green Church, Poor Farm, Harper, Jordan, Denmar, Birchfield, Rhea-Ewing, Old Droop Church, McCarty, Confederate Graves-Droop, McCoy, Whiting, Cutlip, Richard Hill, Thomas Hill, Emmanuel Church, Ann Armstrong, Thomas Hill, Clark-Beard, Blair, Kellison. Sunset, Sullivan)





Clark Beard Cemetery



Mace, Big Springs, Linwood, Slaty Fork, Pleasant Valley, Elk Mountain, Edray and The Brush Country, printed 2014, 168 pgs. (Beale, Gibson on Dry Branch, Big Springs Presbyterian Church, Beckwith Family, Varner, Sharp, Civil War gravesite Slaty Fork, Sharps Gravesite, Hannah, Jack, Gibson, Moffett, Moore, Smith, Smith II, Edray, Julia Price, Clifton Family, William M. Sharp, Geiger, Robert Gay, Burial Site Back Mtn. Rd., Mt Pleasant Church, McKenney, Gay at Indian Draft, William Sharp Jr. Pioneer, Brownsburg, Carpenter, Fairview, Fairview II, Reb. Francis Gravesite, Neff Gravesite, Bright Gravesites, Gay-Gibson, Wilfong)









Sharp Cemetery





Photos by B J Gudmundsson


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