Calvin Price Papers


Calvin W. Price, Editor of The Pocahontas Times until his death in 1957, was one of the most widely read and published country editors in America. His collection of papers includes letters, family histories, church documents, Civil War material and newspaper clippings.


  • BJ Gudmundsson

Tax Payment Receipt, from Mr. James R. Poage to the Sheriff of Pocahontas County. Total of $3.71 for County Levy, Parish Levy, 5 horses, 1 clock and 90 acres. Signed by J. Kennison, Deputy Sheriff for Isaac Moore, Sheriff

Muster Roll of "The Pocahontas Rescues" mustered into service May 18, 1861. Handwritten list of Commanders and Privates. 2 pages.

Handwritten letter dated Dec 29, 1855 from Marlin's Bottom (now Marlinton, W.Va.) signed by James A. Price, Past Master

Handwritten letter dated March 27, 1944 from N. T. Downs of Mill Creek, W.Va.. Member of West Virginia House of Delegates. Letter was attached to 1855 James A. Price letter, which was being returned to Calvin W. Price.