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Fee Schedule


Reproductions, Publication and Research Assistance

Fee Schedule applies to all archival material belonging to/or managed by Preserving Pocahontas. This includes the Pocahontas County Historical Society Collection and the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Collection. Email info@pocahontaspreservation.org for all inquiries.

The following rates are current as of December 2023, but are subject to change.


Prints: (per copy, glossy finish)

4 x 6 - $5.00

5 x 7 - $8.00

8 x 10 - $10.00

11 x 14 - $20.00

Digital Files: (per image)

Scanned at 600 dpi: $5.00 from a digital file or $10.00 from an original image

Higher resolutions are available IF the original photo is in our archive. Please inquire.

Special Hourly Fee: We reserve the right to charge for labor required to process special requests.

Shipping and Handling applies.


All use fees are for one time, non-exclusive use. Preserving Pocahontas does not grant open-ended permission for future editions or other uses, and never grants exclusive rights.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Academic and Non-Profit:

No Charge

PHOTOGRAPHS: Commercial Use:

$100.00 per image


There is no charge for locating specific cataloged items or items in designated collections. An example of specific items would be: "photos of The Bank of Marlinton."

Preserving Pocahontas reserves the right to charge $15.00 per hour for archival research and/or locating non-specific items. An example of non-specific items would be: "photos of logging in Pocahontas County."