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Huntersville Courthouse
Courthouse building at the original county seat of Huntersville, W.Va.

Gatewood House
House at Gatewood Plantation in Mt. Grove, Virginia built in 1855

Lincoln Cochran with Moonshine Still
Moonshine Still, Lincoln Cochran, U.S. Marshall, on right

Dunlevie School
School at the lumber town of Dunlevie - later renamed Thornwood

Pocahontas Military Academy
Pocahontas Military Academy, located on Main Street in Marlinton, West Virginia

Edray District High School Play
Edray District High School Play,Marlinton,West Virginia. Cast is numbered for identity as follows: 1.A.O.McNeil, 2.Joe Eskridge, 3.Eliz Dunbrack, 4.Nick Carter, 5.Florence R. Price, 6.--Nelson, 7.Alfred Edgar, 8.Ed H. Rexrode, 9.Pearl Auldridge,…

Athletic Teams in Marlinton 1904
Athletic team, probably at Marlinton, W.Va. Andrew Price standing 2nd from left

Warwick House
Warwick House at Hidden Valley near Warm Springs, Virginia

Stone Bridge in Pocahontas County
Unidentified stone bridge on gravel road in Pocahontas County, West Virginia

Unidentified Man in Uniform
Unidentified man in uniform, probably during the Civil War

John Calvin Price
John Calvin Price photographed in Lynchburg, Virginia, May 1, 1865

Col. A. C. L. Gatewood
Colonel A.C.L. Gatewood photographed at Lexington, Virginia, May 1865

Oak Grove Presbyterian Church
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church in Hillsboro, West Virginia

Hillsboro Winter Scene
Winter street scene in Hillsboro, West Virginia

Bomb Plane Landing in Hillsboro
Bomb Plane landed near Hillsboro, West Virginia

Falls of Hills Creek
Falls of Hills Creek located off State Rt. 39 in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Shows man standing under lower waterfall.

Covered Bridge in Marlinton
Covered Bridge over the Greenbrier River at Marlinton, West Virginia. Shows two women standing in river

J. H. Clark Photo Studio
Photo studio of J. H. Clark in Hillsboro, West Virginia

First Train Celebration in Marlinton
Large crowd gathers to celebrate First Train to arrive in Marlinton, West Virginia, Engine #158, new boxcar, C&O coach

Birdseye View of Marlinton
Marlinton, West Virginia, looking north
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