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Pocahontas County is a treasure chest of history. The first settlers crossed the Alleghenies in 1749, and thus, the roots of families and communities run deep.


Without special effort and proper care of collections local history can quickly disappear. Pocahontas County is rich in people who care about its history. This project provides the resources to help them preserve it and share it with the world.


The Historic Preservation Project mission is to identify, stabilize, curate and store papers, pictures, records, recordings and artifacts. We capture writings, photographs, interviews, buildings, and artifacts as digital images, sound files and text. We maintain a Digital Library on the World Wide Web where digitized material is freely available to researchers, historians, students and genealogists. And, we facilitate community building by working with individuals and organizations as they exchange ideas and showcase their hard work.


Neighbor working with neighbor is the cornerstone of "Preserving Pocahontas." People in our communities become actively engaged in this project as they are trained in the digitization process. Families and individuals are encouraged to have their records and photographs digitized and to share those materials with the project.


This Web site presents selected materials as they are digitized. We hope you enjoy watching it grow and we invite you to join us as we archive and present our history for future generations!








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