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Kisner Cousins Playing the Backyard at Kisner's Home in Frank, W.Va.


Kisner cousins playing in the backyard at the Kisner home in Frank, W.Va. Left to right: John Lawton,Franny Mams,Barbara Lawton,Cathy Mams

Becky Lawton with Her Mother, Gerry Kisner Lawton in Frank, W.Va.


Becky Lawton with her mother Gerry Kisner Lawton in the Kisner's backyard in Frank, W.Va.

Kisner's Store and Home in Frank, W.Va.


Kisner's Store building was built in 1930-32 and L. E. Kisner General Merchandise opened in 1932-33 and closed in 1950. The Kisner's lived upstairs…