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Portrait of Miss Anna Mary McLaughlin, (b. 9/21/1894) daughter of Wallace and Nancy McLaughlin, probably of Huntersville, W.Va.

Large log drive on flooded creek, possibly Knapps Creek, near Huntersville. Shows large number of logs, men riding the logs on the water and teams of horses moving logs in the water. Covered bridge in the distance.

Alfred Beckley McComb of Huntersville, W.Va. at the age of 98. Born April 1, 1859. Son of James Price McComb and Eliza Ann Moore. Married Emma Alice McLaughlin, daughter of Hugh P. McGlaughlin and Alcinda Bird. Children: Harry, Lollie, Jessie, Mary…

Unidentified man and two women in a wooden wagon on dirt street in front of the McComb Store in Huntersville, W.Va. The top of the Carey House is seen behind the wagon. White house to the right became the home of Harry and Madeline McComb.

Connie McComb and Mulvey Moore embracing in the yard at the A.B. McComb house in Huntersville, W.Va. Emma Elizabeth McComb is on the porch.

Three youngest children of Alfred Beckley and Emma Alice McLaughlin McComb. Left to right: Phil Luray McComb, Robert E. McComb,Emma Elizabeth McComb. In front yard of McComb house on Route 39 in Huntersville, W.Va.

Unknown Woman and man. Woman probably a daughter of Alfred Beckley and Emma Alice McComb. Standing in front of A. B. McComb House in Huntersville, W.Va.

Side view of the McComb General Store on Route 39 in Huntersville, W.Va. Owner was Alfred Beckley McComb.

Emma Elizabeth McComb (m. G. Merle Faulknier, Marlinton), Daughter of Alfred Beckley and Emma McLaughlin McComb. Pictured as a young woman in Huntersville, W.Va.

Portrait of Mary Frances Bratton, daughter of William Andrew and Fanny Berry Cologne Bratton of Marlinton, W.Va. Attended Lewisburg Seminary. Married French Harden Moore of Huntersville, W.Va.

Large group on the church grounds at Browns Creek near Huntersville, W.Va. Many would be members of McLaughlin, McGlaughlin and Moore families.

Col Robert K. Moore, U.S. Army, pictured in uniform with unidentified military person. Moore was born and raised in Huntersville, W.Va.
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